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Facilities Advisors International has been preparing reserve studies since 1982, and in Utah since 1999.  We have worked with condominium, homeowners, and timeshare associations all over the state including the Salt Lake City area, Orem, Logan, Park City, Solitude, Ogden, Provo and others.

Our experience includes hundreds of reserve studies for all types of associations, condominiums, planned developments, timeshare associations, and cooperatives.  Our reserve study reports are unique - they are designed to meet your statutory requirements and to serve as a budget for your maintenance plan. 

Facilities Advisors is the only reserve study company that also offers access to our inernet-based reserve study software as part of our service.  Others may provide you with an Excel workbook, but we actually provide you access to the same software that we use to prepare the reserve study.  You can keep your component database updated in real time.  

Robbie Pepper, RS, RSS, CMCA, CCIM, GRI

(970) 946-2352 cell or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reserve Study - Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma

Robbie has performed dozens of reserve studies in Utah working with reserve study challenges specific to Utah's climate. The similarity in construction types and materials is very similar between Utah and Colorado, too. Robbie Pepper

Robbie’s earned professional designations include Reserve Specialist (RS) from CAI, Reserve Study Specialist (RSS) from The State of Nevada, Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), as well as many other real estate designations designed to provide superior service to you.

Robbie's work in producing reserve studies for more than 75 community associations include residential areas, condos, townhomes, recreation centers, high rises, water districts, and others. 

Robbie’s extensive experience in providing more than 1000 Broker Price Opinions of Value for national valuation companies, banks and mortgage companies built a firm foundation for his work as a Reserve Study provider prior to joining Facilities Advisors in 2017. His expertise includes successfully brokering residential and commercial real estate sales in Colorado for more than 20 years.

Robbie’s well-rounded experience in valuation and construction offers you, his client, a thorough look at your association’s future needs from A to Z. He’ll visit your property to get a first-hand look at your upcoming and future needs and discuss your needs with you before he begins working on your project.

His trustworthiness and personal integrity assure you of receiving a reserve study that spells out your association’s needs realistically.

Using his Certified New Home Specialist designation, Robbie worked in conjunction with luxury home builders in the mountains of Southwest Colorado from dirt work to finish work and paint, helping his clients design the perfect home for themselves.

Robbie has plenty of experience in explaining things, too. Since 2004, he’s has been teaching real estate brokers how to do their jobs well - offering classes ranging from real estate sales contracts and commercial contracts, to new home construction. Education is important, so Robbie attends several classes every year to improve his knowledge of real estate so he can provide you with knowledgeable advice.

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Reserve Study Teamwork

Robbie does not work in a vacuum.  He is backed up, as are all of our representatives nationwide, by the full Facilities Advisors team:

  • • Gary Porter, CEO – FMP, RS, RSS, CPA
  • • Pierre del Rosario, RS, RSS
  • • Lynn Sallee, RS – General Contractor
  • • Robbie Pepper, RS, RSS, CMCA, CCIM, GRI
  • • Ron Quintana, BS, Construction Manager

Gary Porter has been a member of Community Associations Institute (CAI) since 1979 and served as CAI's national president in 1998-99. Check out Gary's profile on LinkedIn

Read more articles by Gary Porter on HOA Pulse

Long term dedication to the industry is demonstrated simply by the fact that Gary Porter, CEO of Facilities Advisors International, is the author of the 1987 book Reserve Study Manual.  This was the first comprehensive book ever written on the topic of reserves, and it was written years (and in some cases, decades) before most of our competitors ever heard the term "reserve study."  Mr. Porter is also the principal author of the 2016 book Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide.  Clocking in at 430 pages, this is clearly the most comprehensive analysis of the topic of reserve studies ever attempted.  Request a proposal and receive a free copy of this guide.

Our Goals for your Reserve Study

Our primary goal is to make your reserve study something more than simply the fulfillment of a statutory obligation. We believe that the reserve study should be a functional tool used in the financial management of the association. This means that the reserve study needs to be realistic. Too often, we hear from new clients that they don't believe their prior reserve study was correct. We believe that the reserve study should be a reflection of the Association's actual maintenance plan. Therefore we will ask you questions about recently completed and planned future reserve expenditures. While none of us can accurately predict the future over the next 30 years, the association's facilities manager usually has very concrete short-term plans (over the next 1 to 3 years). We attempt to incorporate that plan into the reserve study, otherwise it serves little purpose.

Our secondary goal is to make sure that your reserve study complies with statutory requirements.

Reserve Study Services

The advantage of using Facilities Advisors to prepare your reserve study is that we can provide you with information that no one else can provide, such as a complete inventory by location, down to the level that we can show you every common area component in a specific room.

Facilities 7 Software

One of the best things about a Facilities Advisors reserve study is that it provides you with a dynamic management tool. The Facilities 7 software is a true management tool, not a static "once every three years" paper-based report.

Levels of Service

Facilities Advisors offers three levels of reserve study services; Level 1 - Full Reserve Study, Level 2 - Update of Reserve Study with Site Inspection, and Level 3 - Update of Reserve Study Without Site Inspection.

Level 1 - Full Reserve Study

We perform a complete site inspection, obtaining or verifying measurements and counts of common area components. This also includes a component condition assessment, and photo inventory of most components. We then compile the information obtained into our easy-to-understand reports.

Level 2 - Update of Reserve Study with Site Inspection

Once a full reserve study has been completed by Facilities Advisors, Inc., we will often perform updates with a site inspection. The level 2 site inspection is less comprehensive than a level 1 site inspection in that we do not obtain or verify measurements and counts unless it appears that there have been changes. We do perform the component condition assessment and update the photo inventory where necessary. We then compile the information obtained into our easy-to-understand report.

Level 3 - Update of Reserve Study Without Site Inspection

An annual update to the reserve study is simply good planning. This allows you to "refresh" the funding plan and account for minor variations from the original funding plan. We inquire about expenditures made, changes in pricing of replacement costs, and variations in funding from the original plan, but do not perform a site inspection. This is a valuable planning tool at a very reasonable cost, generally no more than 25% of the cost of a full study.

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