The reserve study process starts with a comprehensive on-site analysis.  The purpose of this analysis is to identify, enumerate, and evaluate the condition of each material component on site at your Association.  The image below of a playground provides a graphic example of the work we do. 

When possible, we like to have the manager or an informed board member to meet us on site and provide information regarding the association.  Often, such individuals will be able to provide us information such as the last approximate date a component was replaced and the approximate cost. 

This is information we can use to fine tune your reserve study.  Those individuals may also be able to tell us what significant reserve expenditures ther association has planned next, and when that may occur.  Since most Associations don't have a formal maintenance plan, this information helps us make your reserve study as realistic as possible.

After the on-site analysis, we further analyze the data by evaluating each component for estimated replacement cost, and useful and remaining life.

We're happy to help, so call us with your questions.

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